Finally! A baseball hat made for WOMEN!!
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Sac & Co.

This clip is a must see, and features our BRAND NEW HiViz Yellow Athletic Hytail!!





Mom Central

"Now everyone can enjoy a perfectly-placed ponytail whether they run, play tennis, hike, or simply run errands and want to wear their hair up in a cap. The Hytail Hat keeps you cool, allows your ponytail to sit exactly where you want it, and protects you from the harmful rays of the sun. We use the Hytail hat for outdoor jogs and tennis matches, and know you will find countless uses for yours..."

Check out the full article from here







"If you're a baseball cap-wearer with long, thick hair, you're probably familiar with this ponytail annoyance: You either end up with a strange bulge under your hat, or a dreaded low pony that sticks to your sweaty neck. For those whose hair just doesn't fit through that tiny baseball-cap gap, the Hytail ponytail hat is here. The cap allows you to actually wear your hat-hair the way you want (pinned up, in a knot, in a thick pony, whatever)...."

Check out the full article here


Woman's World June 2015

Hytail was a big success in last years spread in Woman's World, so they featured Hytail again this year! Check out the spread :



Hytail Featured on KSL Utah!

Don't miss this great review of the Hytail Ponytail cap! The full clip can be found here.







KUTV 2, Toad's Treasures Reviews Hytail!

Emily Ashby of Toad's Treasures shares Hytail on KUTV 2 in Utah! You can see the clip at this link, and visit Emily's blog for more details at this link.


WSLS 10 - Daytime Blue Ridge Show

Congrats to the facebook winners who received a free Hytail! Check out this clip, as the gals of Daytime Blue Ridge discuss products that give back, the Hytail Ponytail hat, and the final David Letterman broadcast.  You can see the full segment here.


South Florida Parenting, January 2015 issue

"Once you wear a Hytail hat, you're not going to like your other baseball caps anymore..." full text here.
 Health Reviews Hytail... 5 Stars!

Last month gave Hytail a trial run, and you guessed it... they love the Hytail Ponytail hat! Check out the full details behind their 5 star evaluation here.


Morgan Hill Life

"...I can wear it all day long and it won’t give me a headache, it won’t give me hat head and it doesn’t give me a ponytail crimp and it protects me from the sun. It’s fashion meets function. That’s Hytail.”

Full article here.


Hytail Mentioned on CBS San Francisco with Julie Watts

Hytail makes the list of gifts that give back this Holiday season! 20% of all proceeds from pink ribbon logo hats on our site are donated to The Breast Cancer Fundraiser. Read more about the Breast Cancer Fundraiser at


You can see the full clip and write up from CBS SF here.


HAMLETHUB 2014 Holiday Gift Guide, under $40.00

"ADActivwear’s Hytail Hat -- For the active women on your holiday shopping list, there’s ADActivewear’s Hytail Hat. Starting at just $19.99, ADActivewear takes a unique twist on the traditional baseball cap style by adding a wide band at the back and a generous opening for high pony tails and buns." Full guide here.


RV Life: RV Golfer Gift Guide 2014

Check out the great things RV Life had to say about Hytail® - perfect gift for the avid golfer looking for comfort, style, and protection from the sun! Click here for the full article. 






2014 Tennis Identity Gift Guide

"Hytail hats by ADActivewear cater to women who like to wear their hair in a high ponytail - a big look in active right now. Take a close look at the back of the white hat here. That wide elastic gets covered by your happy, unrestricted pony. Bonus, these caps make wearing sunglasses with hats more comfortable too." Check out the full Tennis Identity gift guide here 


Hytail hats by ADActivewear cater to women who like to wear their hair in a high ponytail - a big look in active right now. Take a close look at the back of the white hat here. That wide elastic gets covered by your happy, unrestricted pony. Bonus, these caps make wearing sunglasses with hats more comfortable too. - See more at:
Hytail hats by ADActivewear cater to women who like to wear their hair in a high ponytail - a big look in active right now. Take a close look at the back of the white hat here. That wide elastic gets covered by your happy, unrestricted pony. Bonus, these caps make wearing sunglasses with hats more comfortable too. - See more at:

Trailblazers rejoice

Finally, a hat for us TrailblazerGirls!

"Finally, a hat for us TrailblazerGirls... No more funky fit of traditional baseball caps!" Full article here



Two Thumbs Up from Arizona Fairways!

"I tried wearing visors to solve the ponytail problem but they didn't protect my head from the hot Arizona sun, and I was constantly adjusting them because they moved every time I made a golf swing..."


FOX 4 Dallas: Hytail® Featured in October Pink Products Special for BCA


Dallas News |

Also airing live at these stations: WTXF, WITI, WTTG, KMSP, WJZY, WOFL, WAGA, WGHP, KRIV, WJBK


KAMR Fox 14: Hytail® Reviewed for Breast Cancer Awareness Special

Our friends over at KAMR gave Hytail® a big thumbs up! Check out the full video and article here.


FOX 5 Las Vegas Reviews Hytail®!

Check out what the great gals over at FOX 5 had to say about Hytail® in their special Breast Cancer Awareness products segment:


FOX5 Vegas - KVVU


The Golf Guide, New Products Feature!

"Geez, did my lady go nuts over the Hytail® Hat..."



Blush Editor's Pick!

I instantly fell in love when I saw this Hytail® Ponytail Hat, designed specifically for women who - you guessed it - want to wear high ponytails. Read the full article here



Hytail® interviewed on The Golf Club Radio Show in Hawaii!

Danielle Tucker of The Golf Clun Radio Show interviews Tess Rogers, founder of ADActivewear and inventor of Hytail®. Danielle loves it! New Hytail® Hat Lets You Rock a High Pony While You Work Out

Hytail Hat Self.comAs a recovering pixie-cut addict who's finally about halfway to a decent chin-length bob, I've recently found myself jealous of ladies with long locks who can pull their hair up and off of their neck for a workout -- especially now that I've found out about the Hytail® Hat, a new baseball cap that (literally) elevates the act of wearing a ponytail, making it even cuter and more conducive to outdoor sweat sessions. Read the entire article here.




Hytail HatA simple solution seemingly would be a baseball cap but cramming a thick ponytail through that misshaped, off centered hole in a hat could take longer than the actual workout. ADActivewear nipped that noggin problem in bud with an opening that is higher up on a hat versus the one that is lower: the aptly titled Hytail® Hat For Women. That small adjustment adjusted the mindset of women when it comes to wearing baseball caps while biking, running or doing any physical activity. Read the entire article here.


Hytail® Ponytail Hat & Klean Kanteen: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hytail®: Getting Out There & Being Active
Having a lower percentage of body fat and keeping yourself in shape has been found to ward off many types of cancers, not just breast. That is why I was so happy to find the Hytail® Ponytail Hat. I have long hair and usually put it up in a ponytail before I go out for a run or hike. All the same, my hair usually ends up sweaty and sticking to my back and shoulders.

Hytail® Ribbon Caps: 20% of proceeds support the cause.
The unique design of the Hytail® means that even if you forget to bring an elastic, the hat has a comfortable one built in for you. This is NOT a guys baseball cap refitted for a woman. The idea was hatched by Tess Rogers on a family vacation with a cut up baseball hat! Read the entire article here.


Hytail® Ponytail Hat – Sports Cap for Women and Giveaway

KSL Utah news feature on activewear HytailGirl friends toss that mans cap in the trash and give a high-five to the Hytail® Pontail Sports Cap! Give it a try, I promise you, you will not be disappointed! I have tons of curly hair and have always avoided wearing baseball caps as they just don’t fit correctly on my head. Also with a regular cap, if I wanted to wear my hair up it was absolutely a no no. The main problem, my ponytail or bun always had to be just low enough under the cap for it to fit, which just looked plain silly and was totally uncomfortable.

The Hytail® Ponytail Hat is a simple yet uniquely designed sport cap specifically for women to keep the hair off their neck while allowing for coolness and comfort. It includes and elastic band in the back instead of a buckle that is nice and wide and really comfortable, while the high brim and relatively shallow fit allows you to also wear your sunglasses. Read entire article here.


Protect Your Skin With The Hytail Hat Designed Just For Us Girls

I confess — I’m not a good hat wearer. It’s the ponytail. Most hats don’t have room to squish in a ponytail and a typical baseball cap has an opening in the back that’s just too low. When I pull my hair through the back of a regular baseball cap, it’s not a ponytail, but just a hot layer of hair sticking to my neck.

So I was excited to try out the Hytail® Hat — a cap designed especially for women. It fits a woman’s head AND it has a nice high opening to pull your hair through. When you pull your hair through the back, it makes an actual ponytail for you so you don’t need a rubber band, etc. and it holds that tail of hair up rather than plastered down on your neck. Read entire article here.


Holiday gift ideas: gifts for sports enthusiasts

Hytail® Hat
Designed with the active woman in mind, the hat looks similar to a ball cap, and the wide, stretchy band in the back allows for a high ponytail to be worn comfortably or for keeping hair off of the back while working out. The wide brim allows for wearing stylish sunglasses with no hassles. Sold in three sizes, the perfect workout accessory comes in black and white styles, with or without logos. Read entire article here.


Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts Eco-friendly Holiday Gift Guide

Hytail® Ponytail Hat
The Hytail® Hat is a baseball-style cap made specifically to fit women’s heads and accommodate a high ponytail. Designed to fit that high riding ponytail, provide ample sun coverage and allow women to wear sunglasses that used to get stuck in traditional caps. The Hytail® Hat sits higher on the head than a standard hat and has a two-inch wide comfortable elastic band on the bottom that literally lifts the hair off the neck to keep the head cool and comfortable and hair clean and dry. Read entire article here.


2013 Gift Guide

Hytail® Hat
Dedicated high-ponytail wearers have sworn off baseball caps for years. That is until NorCal-based ADActivewear developed the Hytail® hat, designed to accommodate a high ponytail and allow the wearer to comfortably sport sunglasses and hat at the same time. (If you’ve ever gotten a headache from your baseball cap smashing your sunglasses into your temples, you know why this is so important.) All anti-baseball hat excuses stop with the Hytail® Hat, making it a great stocking stuffer for beach volleyball players needing serious sun protection. Read entire article here.


AKWA February / March 2014 Editor's Choice

Women’s needs from a sport cap are different than men’s! Founder, Tess Rogers, wanted to create a hat for busy, active women with both long and short hair; one that was easy to put on, hassle free and most importantly fit comfortably. Read entire article here.


Women, Meet The Hytail®

Read the entire article at Scottsdale Health.

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