Finally! A baseball hat made for WOMEN!!
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Vania King
"The Hytail hat allows me to protect my head and face without losing the fashion or function of my ponytail. The breathable material also keeps my head cool so I can perform at my best. I love my Hytail hat! ”

"ADActivewear's High ponytail hat is the first practical cap I have ever worn. As a fitness trainer, it not only serves the purpose of keeping my hair up, but also gives me a 'professional/athletic' look. As a sailboat racer, it stays on my head and keeps the sun off my face. I love comfort of the hat. I usually end up pulling my hat off during my workouts or sailing, mostly because they are uncomfortable .... not this one! Finally, a cap for an active woman, thank you." ~Margarita Jimenez, owner of Train For Life, Professional trainer and martial artist, sport sailor.

"I never wore hats before because I could never find one that fit. I have a larger head with really thick hair and this hat is the only one that fits. I would recommend this hat to anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle. I wore it all through Disneyland, it was extremely comfortable and I received several compliments on it. Thanks for taking the time to design a hat that works for me."

"I love this hat! I never wore hats before unless absolutely necessary. Now I have a hat that I can wear all the time with no hassle. I love the fact that there is an elastic band around the back rather than a Velcro strap or some sort of clasp. I don't like having to fuss with the clasps or get my hair ripped out by the Velcro. I also like the larger opening that lets me have a higher ponytail, which keeps my hair off of my neck. I also like the fact that the hat doesn't sit by your ears so if you want to wear sunglasses your ears don't stick out. Every aspect that I don't like about men's baseball hats has been fixed by this hat."

"I love this hat. I am a busy woman with a career and children and being fit is very important to me both body and spirit. For years I have stolen the caps from my husband and son, but now I can shade my face in fashion! Not only is this hat super cute, but it keeps my hair out of my face and keeps me styling down the road. Thanks for creating the hy-tail hat!"

"Talk about the PERFECT hat!! This hat is smooth, fits perfectly, and I have mine "blinged" just the way I want it! I wear it for tennis. It is smooth fitting to the head, but allows me to "pop" a piece of ice under it on changeovers, for those REALLY hot days when it is great to cool the brain. I have long hair, and have never felt comfortable wearing "traditional" hats because they force my hair down on my neck, where I definitely do not want it. The AD Activewear hat holds my hair up, high, off my neck. I need something sleek and close fitting. I have found my perfect hat at AD Activewear! LOVE IT!!!"

"ADActivewear is the perfect hat for an active woman on the go! Not only is it super cute that I can have a high pony tail and wear my big sunglasses, but it's also functional and fits perfectly!! I love that after a long run, I don't have the hairband kinks in my hair too!!"

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